Crystal did an amazing reading for me this week, she pinpointed all of my fears surrounding my career and gave me guidance and reassurance of how my future would pan out if I can just surrender those fears and do it anyway. I started my day on a great note after my reading. Thank you Crystal.

Mindy Smith

Mindy Smith Designs

Crystal Fitzgerald did a tarot reading for me earlier this week and I was so impressed about how psychic she is! I tried not to tell her much about my situation before and let her intuitively read the cards and she was spot on. The ones that jumped out were exactly what I needed to hear to guide me on my path right now. Thank you, Crystal, for all your gifts.

Amy Domres

Emerald City Astrology

I joined one of Crystal's live readings, and she drew two cards for me. Then despite not knowing me well, or anything about my situation, she gave very precise and relevant help to exactly what I was working through. She definitely has a connection with her intuitive side and the divine, to draw such relevant meaning from the cards. Highly recommend!

Lysa Wright