How Tarot Can Heal

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Hey Peeps!

My name is Crystal, and I am a spiritual teacher and intuitive tarot expert. I’ve been reading tarot for over two decades, and real talk, I discovered the healing power of tarot by complete accident! I wanted to do more with my spiritual gifts and help my clients transform in a deeper way, and POOF! my answer came, like magic, from the Universe.

This FREE workshop is for you if:

  • You are ready to create and receive healing in all areas of your life

  • You desire TRUE transformation, but can’t seem to get out of your own way

  • You dream of living an abundant life filled with joy and love.

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I have been working 1:1 interpreting tarot for clients for 20 years, but what I am about to reveal blew my mind.

Tarot wasn’t just a way to receive divine messages, or spiritual guidance. Tarot has the ability to go so much deeper than that.

In this FREE workshop, I’ll reveal how:

  1. Tarot can be a true catalyst for transformation and healing.

  2. My method of tarot interpretation can help you release deeper blocks and issues that have been dragging you down.

  3. I helped a woman change her entire life and save her relationship, through a 20-minute tarot reading at a sip-n-shop.