Terms & Policies



Tarot by Crystal wishes to provide you with the most accurate reading and interpretations possible. However, please be aware that some readings and interpretations take time to unfold and reveal information. Additionally, my readings aren’t just me telling you what you want to hear. I promise to you to only speak the truth with authenticity and kindness.


Tarot by Crystal takes our clients’ happiness seriously. Please be advised that cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance of your appointment and a full refund will be given within 24 hours. However, all refund requests made after your reading session is completed will only be considered on a case by case basis.


Tarot by Crystal from time to time may utilize your private information, such as birth dates, birth times, and birth places in order to provide Astrology Services. This is in order to provide accurate,up-to-date information. Tarot by Crystal does not store above such information unless with expressed permission form the information owner.

Tarot by Crystal may from time to time request and capture your name and e-mail address for both services and promotional marketing. You may unsubscribe from promotional marketing at any time. We promise never to sell your information to third parties, Information provided for services may be stored by our associated calendar software and apps, and will never be used for nefarious purposes or sold to a third party. Tarot by Crystal does not store any personal or private information with the exception of 1) Video recordings of tarot and astrology sessions, 2) PDF reports and summaries of tarot and astrology interpretations.


All readings and interpretations performed are strictly for recreational, fun, or entertainment purposes only. Never under any circumstances will Tarot by Crystal offer services advising you, the client, in medical, gambling or legal topics. These topics and issues include but are not limited to: 1) Pregnancy, 2) Physical Health 3) Illness 4) Lottery Outcomes or Predictions 5) Sports Outcomes or Predictions 6) Other Gambling Outcomes or Predictions 7) Civil and Criminal Court Cases 8) Custody and Guardianship Cases.

Suffice to say, Tarot by Crystal is not a replacement for a Lawyer, Doctor, or other professional service. If you require medical or legal assistance, please seek advice form your Primary Care Provider or Attorney, respectively.