Podcasts and Miracles: Spiritual Alignment Gives Birth to Your Dreams

For so many years, I have had the desire to create and produce a podcast. I am not sure why, but like many of you, I am fascinated by podcasting, and with that world. Confession: Many years, ago I failed at launching my own podcast about cheap wine and wine tasting for amateurs, called Winegasm. You’ve never heard of it because I didn’t have the balls or the audacity to record a single episode.

It is truly a force bigger than my own that I have surrendered to since those many years ago. I have built and rebuilt a spiritually aligned business, in which I offer self healing through tarot, and I am used by this force bigger than me to share the message of Love.

This building and breaking down and rebuilding and then breaking down, has led me into the deepest knowledge and relationship with myself and spirituality than I had ever known. It is this relationship that has allowed me the confidence to create something so amazing that it will not be contained…

I am proud to announce the pre-launch of my brand new podcast, A Podcast in Miracles.

Check out the teaser video below, and don’t forget to get in line early access to my first episode!