Mornings are Rubbish: 5 Quick Tips for Spiritual Connection in the A.M.

Truth be told, I don’t have a heck of a lot of time in the mornings. Real talk: most people don’t. We are too busy spooning, checking social media, reading the newspaper, getting the kids ready, getting ourselves ready, and otherwise rushing around, in a scramble to start our days.

In a meditation recently, I heard Spirit ask me, “What are you prioritizing in your life right now?” Certainly not my spiritual practice. I mean it was there, I definitely devote a lot more of my evenings to it. I recognized that I needed to really make my spiritual relationship a priority.

So why even do this at all?

Having some kind of connection to our spiritual relationship in the morning, no matter how minuscule can genuinely help carry you through your day, in a peaceful, compassionate manner. You can continue to utilize these small spiritual tasks in your day to help keep you grounded and connected, such as silent prayer, or devotion.

Of course, don’t feel obgliated or forced to practice any of the following tips. You do you. Try it out, and if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. Don’t put pressure on yourself to do something you don’t vibe with. These are simply suggestions to help your further your own unique relationship with the Ether.

Check out my top tips for making your mornings a little more spiritual below!

Crystal’s Quick Tips for Spiritual Connection on Busy AF Mornings:

  1. Upon waking, remember to ask for guidance from your intuition/Spirit/God. You can say something to one of my favorite prayers, taken from traditional Kundalini: Ong namo guru dev nam (I bow to the inner wisdom). I also ask for only the guidance of the highest good to take me through my day.

  2. Simply think a thought of gratitude, such as, “I am grateful for this amazing day." Having an attitude of gratitude helps shoot massive high vibes out into the world.

  3. Read an inspirational quote (and maybe even share it with a friend) via Facebook or Instagram. Because we know you’re checking your social media anyway!

  4. Meditate for 5-10 minutes. Meditation seriously doesn’t have to be a big deal. Spending even just a few moments, focusing on your breath, and being present to your surroundings helps lower blood pressure, calm the mind, and reduce risks of cardiovascular disease.

  5. Ask for help releasing any worldly worries or fears to the Universe. You can say something like, “I surrender [INSERT WORRY HERE] to the power of the Universe. I am taken care of and supported.”


Don’t forget to ‘zip up!’ A little trick I learned from Gabby Bernstein is when your spiritual practice, teaching or coaching session, or any other spiritual activity is complete, to close up your energy, or zip up your spiritual jacket. This will help you from allowing energetic vampires and other negative nancies from draining you of your powerful energy. It will also keep you from leaking your own energy out during the day.

Adding this to my daily morning routine has helped me immensely, keeping me focused and energized all day long! You can zip up by zipping an imaginary zipper, physically crossing your arms, or even closing a sweater or jacket, and acknowledging your practice as well as your inner wisdom. I do this again at the end of the day, to help me clear any unwanted energy.