Welcome to The Sass

Welcome to Tarot by Crystal! Welcome… To me!

First off, I’m super stoked that you have navigated your way to my blog, and I hope you’ll find it useful. Here I’ll be sharing advice and intrigue on everything tarot, astrology, and woo woo.

As you probably guessed, my name is Crystal. I am a published writer, meditation teacher, and of course, tarot queen and astrologer. I began studying the tarot way back in 1998 (or was it 1999?), and never considered it would become a part of my professional career… Alas, 20+ years later, here I am. I began studying astrology as recent as 2019, after a long stemming buried dream of mine came to life!

Would you believe it? As a little 11 year old girl, I wanted to be an astrologer. I just wasn’t quite sure of the name, so I kept referring to it as “ how an astronomer studies stars but they read horoscopes.”

Currently I offer intuitive tarot readings and astrology, filled and laced with spiritual guidance, advice, and information.


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